System requirements

Based on our experience, we’ve outlined the different types of expertise that would be required at different stages of implementation. In some cases, an organization may have the capacity and expertise to take on multiple aspects of a particular stage, which will help reduce the number of different organizations that have to coorindate.

In the System Requirements resource linked in the resources, we’ve broken down implementation into the following major pieces:

  • Infrastructure

Preparation stage
Preparing facility designs, selecting sites, and identifying a contractor

Construction stage
After sites have been finalized and a contractor has been identified.

Operations and Maintenance

Preparation stage
Figuring out the overall structure of the O&M system, identifying individuals to take on responsibility for the project in the community, and logistics needed for start of operations

Construction stage
After facilities becomes open and operational.

If your project will be implemented at scale (i.e. more than just a couple of facilities), then Handover of facilities after completion of construction would be another key stage of implementation between Infrastructure and Operations and Maintenance. Facility handover may sound like an easy-enough task, but at a large scale it can require careful coordination to reduce uneccessary delays. Please see the resources for a closer look at the handover process.

For each of these stages, we’ve outlined the different types of stakeholders required and the key roles of each of these stakeholders. This resource should help you assess what capacities can be taken on by your organization, and which ones you will need to find external collaborators for.

We’ve also included suggestions for system elements that can help smoothen the procress of implementation, and details of the workforce that was required to implement the hardware, operations and communicty engagement aspects of Sammaan to help you assess the workforce that may be required for your project.

  • Resources

Detailed system requirements for implementation

Elements of handover of facilities and challenges