The Sammaan management structure for each community consisted of:

  • Management committee – One president, one secretary and one treasurer who are elected by the community
  • Facility staff – Caretakers for managing day to day activities and attendants specifically for cleaning. These people are hired by the managers and are usually from the same community
  • Standing committee – A group of 10 to 12 people who are part of the community and responsible for supporting and monitoring the management committee

More information about how these individuals were identified and tips for conducting this process, please see the Finding Managers page under Community Engagement.

We arrived at this management structure after reviewing existing community management models, looking at the structures of other community organizations and conducting focus group discussion in communities.

For our purposes, we needed a standardized structure that would work for a variety of sites – from sites that did not have any existing community institutions (ex. SHGs) to sites that had too many existing community institutions. We also know that many of our facilities would be used by multiple communities, so we required a management structure that would allow the different communities to some how be involved.