Handholding of community managers and staff should typically during the handover process after completion of construction. (In some cases, though construction may be complete, the actual handover of the facility to the community may take time due to administrative issues. In this case, managers would require support on how to communicate this to the community and ensure that the people don’t start using the facility, or vandalizing it).

  • During handover

Managers would require help to inspect the infrastructure, to make arrangements for any inauguration ceremonies that may take place, and to supply the first batch of supplies the facility will need to run the facility. It’s really important to provide this first batch supplies since the managers will not yet have funds to buy these, and having the supplies will better enable them to follow the cleaning protocols they have been training on. For more details on handover, check out the resources linked in the Government linkage page.

  • After handover

The facility will need to be visited in the morning the day after handover. There will be a lot of questions that come up and corrections that need to be made, so having someone there in person will help to make the process smoother and set the facility on the proper course. After the first day, the facility should be visit 2 to 3 times a week for the few 2 months. After 2 months, most facilities can be visited twice a month.

In addition to these regular visits, our team also devised a more formal system of review meetings for handholding and checking-in on operations. The first review meeting happens within 45 days of opening, with subsequent meetings happening every 3 months. During these meetings, there should be a detailed review of:

What is going well at the facility?

What are the main issues being faced in operations?

Has there been any feedback from users or the community? Can this feedback be incorporated?

Are there any issues that require external assistance?

Is the documentation being kept properly?

What are the agreed next steps that were discussed and who is responsible for getting these things done?

It’s good to start off discussing what is going well, because people will often jump to discussing all the issues that are happening. We’ve found that starting off on positives helps the set a better tone for the conversation. These meeting typically last from 1 to 1.5 hours. The most time taking aspect of the meeting will likely be documentation – during the first few meetings, you will likely need to help the managers go through they cash documentation and make many corrections.

At the first review meeting, only the three managers, caretaker and sweeper should be present. At subsequent meetings, standing committee members (or other leaders) should be encouraged to attend along with any active users. These meetings should be considered as working sessions where managers and staff can openly discuss and try to solve the problems they are facing. If too many people are present at the beginning, this type of open sharing may not be possible. That’s why it’s important to keep the meetings small at the beginning.

  • Resources

Check out the resources to learn more about the most common issues that come up during handholding of facilities, and a detailed guide for conducting review meetings for operations.

Learnings from handholding Sammaan facilities

Detailed process guide for review meetings