When we think about the private sector, branding is a powerful tool to help capture the attention of an audience, increase revenues and eventually build a loyal following. Some of this does translate over to social projects, and branding in this space is a useful strategy to help different projects from one another. From the outset, branding has been a part of Project Sammaan. Over time, we’ve found that the efforts we’ve made in this area have been worthwhile for a few key reasons.

Within communities, having a brand helps give the project a more elevated identity than just being about a toilet

Collaterals from branding give operations a more formal, professional look

The brand identity provides greater visibility and recognition from external stakeholders

From the implementing team’s perspective, we could use the brand identity to help enforce the rules with community managers and staff, and hold everyone to a higher standard.

Elements of Sammaan branding included:

Project logo

Uniforms and ID cards for facility staff

Stationary items


Even if you do not have the funds to develop a complete branding strategy with collaterals and uniforms, it may be worthwhile to spend time developing a project name that reflects its goals and identify, and a simple logo. Even this much would help with both your community-level engagement, as well as any external outreach.

  • Resources

Please see the resources for sample Project Sammaan branding design files.

Project logo

Male and female staff uniforms


Sample facility signage