Project Sammaan has been designing, implementing, and rigorously testing a range of hardware and software innovations within shared sanitation facilities, with the aim to inform urban sanitation strategy elsewhere through sharing of insights through a practical ‘toolkit’.

The project is being piloted in urban slums in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack (Odisha, India). Under this Project, 26 community toilet facilities are being built in Bhubaneswar, while 32 community toilet facilities are being built in Cuttack.

“Project” Sammaan provides user-friendly innovatively-designed facilities, developing a system for community management of operations and maintenance, and studying behavioural change processes through the collection of usage data.

With funding support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in addition to city government funds, Project Sammaan has brought together a stellar group of designers, architects and social science researchers to tackle one of the developing world’s leading problems – open defecation in crowded urban settings – making it a massive collaborative project. Each entity brings complementary skills to jointly address the engineering design and behavioural/institutional challenges to create a comprehensive, scalable, and sustainable service delivery model for urban sanitation.

Hardware Design

Operations & Maintenance

Behavioural Encouragement

Impact Evaluation

Process Learning